Group booking at Manzano's Peri Peri

Manzano’s Peri Peri is a place for everybody to come spend time with family and friends to enjoy some fiery hot food and satisfy your chicken addiction

Whatever brings you here, there’s a great food and a good time waiting for you..

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  • Amazing food and great customer service…..

  • Lovely flavours, chicken is grilled to perfection. Better than the other peri peri place with similar name and nearly half the price too…..

  • Nice atmosphere, clean and hygienic, prices are reasonable. Recommended for a quick bite to eat….

  • I ordered the Don Fernandez beef burger meal. I was actually surprised at how good it was. The bun was nice and didn’t fall apart. The meat was full of flavour and well cooked and the sauce used was really nice. Fries were also the classic skin on one’s which I love.

  • One of the best peri peri chicken place I have been to.. food was amazing and the service… great atmosphere.